If you’re wondering how to pronounce that word up there, allow me to help:  nack-a-dish.  Yeah, I know.  What the what?!  It’s actually a pretty quaint, little town.  Super old, lots of history, very southern.  I recommend it if you need a place to stay on your way to Mardi Gras.

This past weekend we went to this quaint little town in Louisiana to see my cousin get married.  The wedding was beautiful and intimate–just family.  So, by “intimate” I mean “really loud”.  Those two things are the same when you’re talking about your family, right?

I was super excited about going to this wedding because I love my family and it makes me happy to see them happy it’s where Steel Magnolias was filmed!!  Steel Magnolias is my favorite movie of all time!  And that’s not just because my Grandpa is in it for 1.3 seconds.  (It’s true!  You can see him at the Christmas party where Drum announces that Shelby’s pregnant.)  It’s because it’s the best, most quotable movie EVER!  You know you can’t argue with me.  “Shelby, drink your juice.”

This is Julia Robert’s house in the movie.  They’ve made it into a Bed and Breakfast, but it was for sale.  Hmmmm….anyone want to move to Natchitoches with me?



Funny story behind that dress.  On Saturday afternoon, we’re starting to get ready to go to the wedding and I realize that I’ve left my wedding clothes in the car back in Arkansas!  Ahhhhhhh!  Panic ensues.  We go to the local mall, go in 5 stores and find nothing.  Finally, I go into Banana Republic and find this adorable number.  Unfortunately, it’s stupidly expensive.  Good news!  The sales lady says it’s 30% off and my mom signs up for a Banana Republic credit card (which she’ll immediately cut up when it arrives in the mail) and saves an extra 15%.  Cha-Ching!  I’ll have to start leaving clothes behind more often…

Steel Magnolias house-check.  New dress-check.  Cousin got married-check.  Successful weekend!