Father’s Day

A letter to Bennett’s dad:

I could not count our son more lucky to have a dad like you.  You are always present with him…playing in the floor, giving him snacks, changing diapers, rocking him to sleep.  And you do these things not with a begrudging spirit, but so willingly, wanting to spend time with Bennett, showing him how much you love him.  You have modeled for Bennett how to love his wife, how to take care of his home, provide for his family, and love his children.  Not every kid sees this modeled before them on a daily basis and struggle with it throughout their lives.  What a gift you have given Bennett.

I pray over your relationship daily that as Bennett continues to grow and learn new things that you will be right there with him offering him the security he needs to take necessary risks in his life, that he would trust you for advice, and that he would see how important it is to love the Lord will all of his heart.

You are a great father not because you try to be a great father, but because you continually put your faith and trust in the Lord that he will guide you through your parenting journey.  He has changed your heart with the birth of this sweet boy and you have been a willing, moldable vessel in His hands.  It makes me so proud to know that I have married a man who will put pride aside and allow himself to be teachable by the Holy Spirit in so many areas of his life.  You are a rare breed, Michael Holmes.  I love you.


Breakfast is the least that we could do to celebrate you today.  Although I know it was super tasty.  Breakfast burritos are legit.  Just sayin’.