Cleaning Up Shop

We have a little shop underneath our house.  It’s a great place for Michael to keep his tools, a perfect place for lawn equipment, and it holds all of our miscellaneous items that we don’t want in the house.  

It’s also a place that accumulates lots of junk.  Junk from the previous owners, our junk, the junk in the trunk, etc.  SO MUCH JUNK!  Almost 5 years worth at this point.

IMG_1255 IMG_1257 IMG_1256


So, we cleaned it out.  I can’t take credit for the cute painted shelves, but I am so grateful someone did all that work for me.  Way to go whoever you are!

IMG_1259 IMG_1260

And then we organized everything.  Get this…it took 5 hours.  It took us 5 years to do 5 hours worth of work.  Ridiculous.  But, it’s done and it looks so much better.  Organization is the key to happiness, I tell ya.

 IMG_1262 IMG_1264 IMG_1267 IMG_1263


Daddy’s Home!

For the past week, Michael has been living at Arkansas Tech in Russellville getting some training to teach a Robotics class (more on that later!).  So, I’ve been thrown into the woes of single motherhood.  Okay, it wasn’t that bad.  It did make me super grateful to have a mate to help me with this rambunctious, busy toddler.  Hats off to you single moms out there; I don’t know how you do it.


In other news, Bennett tried a popsicle for the first time!  It was a hit!  (Like I had any doubts… he is my kid after all.)


1st Birthday

Bennett turned 1 on Friday!  It was a bittersweet day for me.  Bitter that he’s not a baby anymore, but officially a toddler and sweet that he is growing up healthy and happy.  You certainly take the good with the bad as a parent.

His actual birthday was spent at daycare.  Mama and Daddy had to give the Benchmark Exam to our students.  Bleh.  But, I took cupcakes for his class, so he could celebrate with his friends at school.  Yay!

On Saturday morning, we threw a Star Wars party for him in the backyard.  Friends and family were out in full force!  It was beautiful weather, the food was delicious, and the company was even better.


I made Princess Leia buns and Yoda ears for the party guests.  I think the adults liked them more than the kids.



As party favors, I made light sabers from coloring books.  So fun and super easy.


Bennett got a red wagon from his grandparents!  The kids played in it the whole party and Bennett opened his gifts from the wagon.  Everyone was so generous and brought Bennett some really wonderful gifts for his birthday.  I know he felt special and celebrated.  Thank you to everyone!


Then, we had cake.  Well, we murdered cake.  Bennett takes no prisoners.


The party was such a success.  Not because the food was good or the decorations were adorable, but because it was all about Bennett.  It was a celebration of my son’s first year of life.  From getting up in the middle of the night and changing 12 diapers a day to crawling and feeding himself.  It’s been a really good year.