a small change

I decided I needed a change. After I had Bennett, a lot of the hair around my face and in my part fell out. It wasn’t too bad. No bald spots or anything, but enough that it kind of bothered me. And, I usually don’t care about things like that. I’m the kind of girl who only wears mascara (if any makeup at all), can’t remember the last time she shaved her legs, and only washes her hair when it’s absolutely necessary. And I may wait a day after that.

But, all the breakage bugged me and I wanted to try something new. Not just because I wanted to look better (although that’s always a plus). But, because I wanted to FEEL better. I feel like a mother, a wife, a teacher every day. And I LOVE feeling that way and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to play those roles in my life, but I wanted to feel like a woman. The kind of woman who can juggle being a mother, a wife, and have a career and still look fabulous doing it.

Isn’t it funny how a tiny change like a haircut can do that for you?




What do you think? Did I channel my inner Michelle Obama?