A boy and his dog

We have this dog.  His name is Brodie and he’s a pit bull mix.  Michael found him in a park when he was a puppy and put up signs to see if anyone would claim him.  No one did.  So he kept it and named it Brodie after the park he found him in.  Sweet, huh?  This all happened while were dating, so Brodie lived with Michael for the first few years then moved on over to our home after we got married.  I like dogs and I’ve always gotten along with them quite nicely.  A bit allergic, but not so much that it renders me useless.  So, I was happy to adopt Brodie into our little family.

Then, we had Bennett and I was a little worried about how they would get along.  Brodie is an animal after all and although he has NEVER done anything to hurt either me or Michael, I was still anxious about how he would react to a new creature that would steal all of his attention away.  So far, so good!  I can honestly say he has handled it beautifully and while I still have my guard up when Brodie comes over for a sniff or Bennett wants to “pet” Brodie on the face, that sweet rescue pup has been nothing but gentle.  I’m praying that it stays that way and that they are the best of friends for years to come.