For the past 6 seasons, my friend and I have been OBSESSED with So You Think You Can Dance.  So much so that we now have a standing tradition to go see them on tour.  Season 10 tour was pretty amazing.  All of our favorite dances of the season, plus a few delightful surprises!  Wooohooooo!!

The thing I love about the show is that it’s so positive.  The judges leave the dancers still feeling good about themselves and encouraged to pursue their dreams.  And then there’s the dances.  What?!  They’re full of stories and symbolism and life.  I love it!!!

Here’s a few moments I captured from the tour and a few videos of my favorite dances from the season.  Enjoy!





Sand Dance



Amy & Travis: Wicked Game

Jasmine & Comfort: Girls

Fikshun and Twitch: Hello Good Morning

Amy & Fikshun: After Party

Paul & Makenzie: Edge of Glory

Aaron & Kathryn: Kissing You

Jasmine & Marko: Blurred Lines

It was such a great weekend to spend with the girls.  Now that my life is filled with nap schedules and toddler food, I hardly get a moment to myself.  Much less a whole weekend!  (Not that I don’t love nap schedules and toddler food…hot dogs are delicious!)  So grateful for moments away to remind me that I have something pretty great to come home to.



If you’re wondering how to pronounce that word up there, allow me to help:  nack-a-dish.  Yeah, I know.  What the what?!  It’s actually a pretty quaint, little town.  Super old, lots of history, very southern.  I recommend it if you need a place to stay on your way to Mardi Gras.

This past weekend we went to this quaint little town in Louisiana to see my cousin get married.  The wedding was beautiful and intimate–just family.  So, by “intimate” I mean “really loud”.  Those two things are the same when you’re talking about your family, right?

I was super excited about going to this wedding because I love my family and it makes me happy to see them happy it’s where Steel Magnolias was filmed!!  Steel Magnolias is my favorite movie of all time!  And that’s not just because my Grandpa is in it for 1.3 seconds.  (It’s true!  You can see him at the Christmas party where Drum announces that Shelby’s pregnant.)  It’s because it’s the best, most quotable movie EVER!  You know you can’t argue with me.  “Shelby, drink your juice.”

This is Julia Robert’s house in the movie.  They’ve made it into a Bed and Breakfast, but it was for sale.  Hmmmm….anyone want to move to Natchitoches with me?



Funny story behind that dress.  On Saturday afternoon, we’re starting to get ready to go to the wedding and I realize that I’ve left my wedding clothes in the car back in Arkansas!  Ahhhhhhh!  Panic ensues.  We go to the local mall, go in 5 stores and find nothing.  Finally, I go into Banana Republic and find this adorable number.  Unfortunately, it’s stupidly expensive.  Good news!  The sales lady says it’s 30% off and my mom signs up for a Banana Republic credit card (which she’ll immediately cut up when it arrives in the mail) and saves an extra 15%.  Cha-Ching!  I’ll have to start leaving clothes behind more often…

Steel Magnolias house-check.  New dress-check.  Cousin got married-check.  Successful weekend!

Crystal Bridges Museum

There are perks to both you and your spouse being teachers.  One of them is having the summers off together.  It affords us opportunities to do things together during the week when everyone else is working.  (poor things)

My mom graciously offered to keep Bennett overnight on Thursday since she doesn’t work on Fridays, so Michael and I could visit Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.  It’s about a 3 hour drive, so we passed the time singing loudly to pop songs (me) and talking about random things (both of us).


The museum is amazing.  If you’ve never been and you’re anywhere near Bentonville, you should go.  The architecture alone is worth seeing.


It’s full of American artists ranging from the early 18th century to modern times.  Even if you’re not an artsy person (like myself), it’s still very enjoyable.  Here are some of our favorites.


Guys, this old man is NOT REAL.  How creepy/amazing is he?  The detail on this piece is unbelievable.  Everything from the wrinkles on his face to the skin folds on his arms.  Someone dropped something in the museum while we were looking at him and it made a loud “BANG”.  I totally expected him to jump.


After we finished perusing all of the art and pretending like we knew what we were talking about, (My husband actually kind of does.  He went to Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School and is pretty well versed in the world of the arts.  Such a well rounded man I have.) we ventured down the Art Trail which connects the museum to downtown Bentonville.


We stumbled into the Walton’s 5 and 10 store (the original Wal-Mart) and bought the coolest book ever for Bennett.  It has everything from directions for building a tree house to a chapter about girls.  It would make a fantastic gift for parents of little boys.


Attached to the store is the Wal-Mart museum which is actually pretty interesting.  I know Wal-Mart gets a lot of flack (some of that flack coming from myself, for sure), but it really is an amazing story of entrepreneurship in America and how someone can go from a tiny 5 and 10 store to a billion- dollar-a-year franchise.  Plus, Sam Walton seemed like a pretty normal person.  He drove the same old Ford pick-up truck his whole life because he said, “What else am I supposed to haul my dogs around in.”  Ha!  I love Arkansas.


It was a really lovely date day and I am most grateful for days like this.  Days spent with just my husband are few and far between and it’s nice to be able to reconnect every once in a while.  (There’s no better way to reconnect than having 3 hours in the car together by the way.  Good thing we still like each other…)