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For the past 6 seasons, my friend and I have been OBSESSED with So You Think You Can Dance.  So much so that we now have a standing tradition to go see them on tour.  Season 10 tour was pretty amazing.  All of our favorite dances of the season, plus a few delightful surprises!  Wooohooooo!!

The thing I love about the show is that it’s so positive.  The judges leave the dancers still feeling good about themselves and encouraged to pursue their dreams.  And then there’s the dances.  What?!  They’re full of stories and symbolism and life.  I love it!!!

Here’s a few moments I captured from the tour and a few videos of my favorite dances from the season.  Enjoy!





Sand Dance



Amy & Travis: Wicked Game

Jasmine & Comfort: Girls

Fikshun and Twitch: Hello Good Morning

Amy & Fikshun: After Party

Paul & Makenzie: Edge of Glory

Aaron & Kathryn: Kissing You

Jasmine & Marko: Blurred Lines

It was such a great weekend to spend with the girls.  Now that my life is filled with nap schedules and toddler food, I hardly get a moment to myself.  Much less a whole weekend!  (Not that I don’t love nap schedules and toddler food…hot dogs are delicious!)  So grateful for moments away to remind me that I have something pretty great to come home to.


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