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The Pumpkin Patch

How adorable are pumpkin patches?!  If you had asked me to come to a pumpkin patch before I had a kid, I would’ve said, “What the heck is a pumpkin patch?”  Now, I can’t imagine fall without it.  Oh, how kids change your life.

We began the pumpkin patch experience by viewing baby farm animals.  I mean, seriously?!  Cuteness overload.


Then, we spent some time climbing, sliding, and swinging on the playground.  Good times were had until Keagan slid right onto her backside.  Tears were shed.  The slide was abandoned.


Then, we discovered a giant drain pipe and a way to become farm animals ourselves and all was right with the world.


Of course, we couldn’t resist trying to get a cute picture of the cousins.  This was literally the best we could do.  It reminds me of American Gothic minus the pitch fork.


Don’t worry.  We did not go to the pumpkin patch without getting an actual pumpkin.  The kiddos found us a couple of good ones.



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