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A Baby Shower

This weekend I helped throw a baby shower for my very best friend in the world.  We lived together for 6 years which is longer than my husband and I have been married.  We have been through A LOT together.  Lots of good talks, late nights (a few we’d like to forget), long trips, dance parties, tears, hangovers, prayers, bad haircuts, spiritual encounters, terrible eating habits, bad boyfriends, fashion mistakes, marriage, babies, the list goes on forever.  You name it, we’ve probably been through it.  I cannot explain what an incredible blessing it is to have someone in your life with whom you’ve been through the worst and the best moments with.  I was so honored to get to help shower her with gifts as we share yet another life experience.

The shower took place in my backyard.  It was pretty hot out, but everyone survived.  I’d like to think the adorable decor took everyone’s mind off of the heat.

We included a board where guests could write notes of encouragement for the mother-to-be.  Having a baby for the first time can be an anxiety-filled experience, so reading notes from people who are praying for you and maybe have even been through it is so encouraging those last few weeks of pregnancy.  (Or even the first few weeks after the baby is born.)


The sex of the baby is a surprise, so we had a board for guessing.  I think at the end of the shower, girl was the winner.  We’ll see!!


The yarn wall was my favorite!  I would like to take credit for this piece of creative genius, but I have to thank pinterest for this awesome idea.


How cute is this cake?!  Our friend from Cakes by Catie made it.  If you’re near the Conway area and need a cake, please call this girl.  She is incredibly talented!


I never ever could have done this alone.  I am neither creative or crafty enough.  Thank goodness for fantastic friends who are.

We had a really great turnout for the shower, so the new mom went home with a car full of gifts!  Exactly what you want for a baby shower.  Plus, everyone had a good time.  Whoop whoop!



What gorgeous, talented friends I have.  It was so much fun to come together and bless our friend with gifts to help make the transition into motherhood just a little easier.  So thankful for them.



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