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A New(er) Deck

This Labor Day weekend, we labored.  Isn’t that why it’s called Labor Day?

We have a deck on the side of the house that needed a bit of updating.  Some of the boards were rotten and needed to be replaced and the color left something to be desired.  So, we got to work power washing, nailing, and painting this weekend and gave our little deck a face lift.

Here’s the unfortunate before picture.


I power washed while Michael pulled up boards.  I LOVED using that power washer.  I was ready to power wash everything in sight.


After a bath and a few board replacements, we were on our way to painting.


A couple of fresh coats of paint later, and we have a new deck!  I decided to paint the bench the same color as our front door and I’ll be adding these pillows I found on Amazon.


I could not be happier with the outcome and for only $120, my bank account is pretty happy, too.


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