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The Last Weekend of Summer

Yes, I realize there will be more weekends and yes, I understand that I shouldn’t be complaining because I’ve had the whole summer off while everyone else had to work, but I’m still going to make this weekend a big deal, okay?!

We really didn’t do much, which was perfect.  The weekend before school starts should be as relaxing as possible.  Every other day after this will be a whirlwind of grading papers, calling parents, and meetings.  Oh, and teaching English somewhere in there, too.  So, all I wanted to do this weekend was hang out with my family and try not to think about Monday.

The weather was amazing this weekend.  High’s in the 80’s in August?!  Thank you very much, Arkansas.  We’ll take it.  We took advantage of it and spent Saturday morning at the park.


Who needs expensive playground equipment when you have rocks?



Saturday was also Nani’s birthday and she wanted to eat at Hardin Farm and Market in Scott.  It was in the boonies, but so good!  I recommend the shrimp and grits.


Bennett recommends the beans.


Happy birthday, Nani!  We love you!


I can’t say I didn’t think about Monday at least a few times this weekend, but overall, it was the perfect, relaxing weekend before the official first day of school.  I can’t believe school starts Monday!!  Ahhhhhhhh!!


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