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Museum of Discovery

We spent the morning at Museum of Discovery in Little Rock with Michael’s side of the family.  It’s been recently updated and I LOVE what they’ve done with the place.  There’s so many cool science and engineering related activities for kids to play around with, which is right up my husband’s alley.  I told him he needs to schedule a field trip for his robotics students this year.  They would go insane.  (You can read about his upcoming Robotics class here)


We each took a turn lying on the bed of nails.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad.  I’m not saying I would take a nap on it, but it was fun for a few seconds.


I think the grown ups had more fun than Bennett with some of the exhibits.


The museum has a room for kids 6 and under which is adorable.  Lots of room for them to run around and lots of things to climb on.



This thing was so cool!  You would put a piece of material in the pipe and air would blow it all around and then it would fly out and float to the bottom.  Do you see the pink one floating down?  Bennett had so much fun with this one.


They couldn’t resist pretending to be newscasters.  Thank goodness it didn’t get too out of hand.  We were at a CHILDREN’S museum after all.


I really appreciate the push in society toward science and engineering even though it’s nowhere near my neck of the woods as far as teaching goes.  I think it’s important to produce people who know how to think critically and problem solve.  It just makes for a smarter student in all subject areas, not just Science and Math.  And that makes for a smarter person in the world taking care of us when we’re old and dusty.


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