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Casino Night

Just to be clear, this was a casino in an assisted living center.  Definitely not legitimate.  Although, there was booze and blackjack tables involved.

Michael’s grandmother, known to us as “Mamaw” lives in Fox Ridge, an assisted living center in Little Rock.  She’s originally from Memphis, but the family made the difficult decision of moving her down here after she started showing signs of dementia.  She has adjusted so well here and a lot of that credit has to go to the caregivers at Fox Ridge.  They are really fantastic people.  And not just because they put on a Casino Night complete with free drinks, food on toothpicks, blackjack tables, and $10,000 worth of chips to play with.  Although, that certainly doesn’t hurt.


We had a marvelous time.  Our dealer was so, so nice and cheated often so we could win big!  If only the dealers in Vegas were like him…  We ended up pooling our winnings ($75,000!) to use on the items at the live auction and scored a $25 gift card to Local Lime.  Not too bad a prize when you’re using your fake blackjack winnings!



I’m so thankful Mamaw is living in such a fun, caring environment where she feels loved and at home.  It’s never an easy decision to move your family members into an assisted living facility, but Fox Ridge certainly helps lift some of the burden.  This totally sounds like a commercial for them…ha!

Mamaw is one of my most favorite people.  She is so fiery.  Her son called when we were playing blackjack and she told him, “I’ll call you back.  I’m in the middle of this joint and we’re having fun.”  I nearly spit out my chocolate covered strawberry!  She was absolutely right, though.  We were having a blast.


One thought on “Casino Night

  1. Melanie,
    Glad y’all had fun visiting with my Mom at Casino
    Night. I talked to her later and she said she had a great time. We wish we could’ve been there but by now I’m sure you’ve seen my Facebook postings and know why we weren’t there.

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