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4th of July aka ‘merika is free, ya’ll

Our independence day was spent in Texas…the only state that has a legal document saying it has the right to secede from the United States.  I love irony.  Anyway, we had fun hanging out with my sister’s family watching fireworks in their local park for free, (Texas is pretty awesome about taking care of their communities.) splashing around at the splash park, and doing a little shopping.  No one goes to Dallas without doing a little shopping.  Let’s not be silly.

One does not celebrate the 4th of July without watermelon.  It is simply un-American to do so.


Bennett was fascinated with the fireworks for about 5 minutes.  It was late; he was tired.  I can’t blame the guy for wanting to get out of there.  But, he was a trooper and stuck it out with minimal tantrums.  I think he really understood the implications of the fireworks display and what they represented to us as Americans…


The 5th of July at the splash pad!  These things are EVERYWHERE in Texas.  And, thank goodness considering the humidity there makes you feel like you’re trying to breathe into a wet towel.


We visited Ikea, one of my most favorite places in all the world.  Well, maybe not all the world.  That’s probably taking it too far.  It IS a pretty great place, though.  Keagan found a colander which she promptly put onto her head and announced it was a hat.


Bennett slept like a rock on the way home.  I think this picture pretty much sums up our weekend.



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