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Grammar Lesson

So, I’m an English teacher.  This doesn’t mean that I am a grammar nazi or that I’ve read every book ever written.  It does mean that I enjoy digging deeper into things and figuring out the “why’s” behind it all.  I enjoy teaching English because it’s subjective.  I tell my students all the time that there are really no wrong answers in English class.  As long as you can prove that you’re correct, you are.

This is also why I hate teaching English.  Many arguments have come from this reasoning.  And, take it from me, you should never argue with a 13-year-old kid.  You will lose.  Not just the argument, but probably some of your dignity as well.

Anyway, my students ask me all the time why grammar is a certain way in English.  Like, when do you use who or whom, or lay and lie? (Both very confusing by the way.  I’ll save that grammar lesson for another post.)  And why are certain words spelled a certain way when they don’t sound that way?  Very good questions.  Ones I do not know the answer to most of the time.  However, every once in a while, I stumble across something on the good ole’ internet that explains a tiny part of our crazy language.

The “why” behind it all.  Brilliant!


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