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My MLK Day

My husband went to see The Grizzlies play in Memphis today with his dude friends, so I thought I would take the opportunity to write down the details of my day.  Just to see what it looks like.  It was super exciting.

6:05:  Husband wakes up and gets in the shower.

6:07:  wakes me up with his loud showering.

6:08:  check phone.

6:21:  make husband feel guilty about leaving me for the day with a 9 month old.

7:02:  go upstairs and make coffee and a bottle.

7:03:  walk in Bennett’s room to find him sitting up waiting for someone to get him.

7:05:  change diaper.  (just pee!)

7:12:  give B his bottle and watch the Today show.  Inaugural coverage is on.

7:31:  B finishes his bottle and I put him down to play with toys.

7:32:  eat peanut butter Cheerios (incredible) and drink coffee.

8:05:  make Bennett cereal with strawberries and bananas.  It looks delicious.

8:10:  feed B his cereal.  He wants to feed himself which results in a giant mess all over him, myself, and the highchair tray.

8:32:  put B down to play.

8:33:  clean up breakfast disaster.

8:37:  Bennett abandons toys to pull down all books from the coffee table–including the heavy ones.

8:50:  diaper change.  Really gross poop.

8:58:  put down for a nap.

9:01:  do 1 Peter bible study for Women’s group.  So good already!

9:25:  clean up the kitchen and dust the living and dining room.  (don’t judge me for how long I spent on the Bible study.)

9:45:  I hear Bennett talking in his bed.  Going to ignore it and pray he goes back to sleep.

10:00:  no more noise.  Sit down to watch the inauguration.

10:15:  talking again.  Please go back to sleep!

10:26:  no more talking…

10:37:  talking again.  I may give up soon.

10:43:  gave up.  Went to go make the bottle.

10:47:  go in to find B laying down sucking his thumb–shoulda waited.  Changed his diaper and put him in Grizzlies t-shirt as a peace offering for husband.

10:54:  feed bottle and watching Obama’s speech.

11:09:  play time!

11:29:  decides he needs mama to join in on play time.  Mama wants to watch Beyonce sing the national anthem.

11:40:  B seems to be working out what seems to be a giant poop.

11:48:  ate my lunch.

11:51:  Brodie knocked Bennett over after he pulled his tail.  Tears ensued.

11:54:  changed “giant poop” diaper.  My earlier observation was correct.  Ran out of wipes in the middle of diaper change.  Forced to use a grape scented boogie wipe.

12:04:  back to play time

12:33:  tried to each couch and laughing hysterically.

12:43:  B ate lunch.  Blueberries and sweet potatoes.  Got in ears in somehow.

12:59:  play time for B; clean up for Mama.

1:35:  My mom called and asked if we wanted to come over.  Gratefully accepted.

1:56:  left for Grammy’s.

2:03:  Bennett fell asleep in the car.

2:21:  arrive at Grammy’s.  Carefully carry B to back bedroom.  Stayed asleep.

2:26:  helped mom redecorate guest bedrooms.

3:55:  B is up.

4:00:  Grammy fed bottle.  Watched Ellen.

4:25:  play time.

5:14:  dropped a toy on my head.

5:25:  Gramps comes home.  Bennett is excited.

5:36:  B ate dinner.  Green beans and peaches.

6:00:  Sat down to dinner with my parents.  Delicious.  B ate an entire vanilla wafer at once.  Thought he would choke.  He didn’t.

6:05:  Husband called.  Home from Memphis.

6:45:  Packed up and headed home.

7:05:  made it home.

7:10:  last bottle and The Biggest Loser.

7:25:  playtime with Daddy.

7:40:  Bath time for B

7:50:  lotion up, PJ’s, Jesus Storybook Bible, prayers, night night kisses, I love you’s, lights off.

8:05:  talking and playing in bed.

8:15:  not a peep.  Crossing my fingers.  Crying at Biggest Loser.

9:13:  head downstairs and get ready for bed.

9:23:  talk to Husband

9:50:  Go to sleep.


Wow.  I’m exhausted.  Thank goodness I have to go to work tomorrow.



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